Regional Food and Wine Pairings: 9/13 Twitter Chat Questions

Twitter Chat questions posted for Regional Food and Wine Pairings

Sneak peak at Cooking Chat’s pairing!

We are looking forward to the 4th Wine Pairing Weekend event coming up this Saturday, September 13! The September #winePW theme is “Regional Food and Wine Pairings.” We will be holding a live Twitter Chat in conjunction with the event this Saturday 9/13, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Please join us! Simply share tweets with our hashtag, #winePW and follow that stream. We do also have a Twubs page setup as a handy way to view the Chat and automatically add the hashtag. Be sure to check out the great pairings the participating bloggers come up with! You can get an idea of what they are planning by checking out the preview post over on Cooking Chat. I will be hosting this event from my @winePW Twitter handle, and will also be chiming in from @cookingchat.

This website is being developed in conjunction with the #winePW event. The idea is to roundup some of our favorite food and wine pairings from the #winePW events and other pairing experiments. We hope over time this will become a handy resource for people to get pairing ideas. This site is pretty new, but I’ve been blogging about food and wine for over 5 years and nearly 500 posts over at Cooking Chat!

We have a few questions to guide the #winePW 4 Twitter Chat. Of course, feel free to share anything on the topic of refreshing wine pairings or related themes. When you are responding to a particular question, please start your tweet with the letter “A” followed by the number of the question you are answering.

Q1: Where are you tweeting from?

Q2) Do you have a favorite region that features great local cuisine that pairs very well with the wines from the area?

Q3) Why do you think food and wine from the same region tend to go so well together?

Q4) Have you tried pairing food and wine that are local to you? Tell us about it!

Q5) Have you tried any recipes that are inspired by local wine region cuisine but veer from the traditional preparation methods?

Q6) Have you tried local cuisine while visiting a wine region? Details please!

Q7) What’s the best example a pairing you’ve had that fits our “Regional Food & Wine” pairing theme?

Q8) Any other insights on “Regional Food and Wine Pairings” that hasn’t come up yet?

We hope you enjoy this chat and consider joining us in October to chat about “Fall Fruits and Wine Pairings”, hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla. Wine Pairing Weekend is held the second Saturday of the month, so we’re up next on October 11. You can email constantmotioncamilla AT if you’d like to do a blog post for the next one. For general questions or ideas about Wine Pairing Weekend, email winepairingweekend AT