Shaved Raw Asparagus with Parmesan Dressing served with a Grillo

raw asparagus salad with parmesan dressing served with Grillo wine.It’s asparagus season here! Good news for the tasty veggie, but a challenge for wine pairings! Pairing wine with asparagus is notoriously difficult.  But this tasty recipe from Food & Wine has good potential with wine.

This pairing does a couple things to make the wine match work. First, the cheese in this dish provides a “bridge”, something that does go well with wine that you can focus on in coming up with a pairing. I asked Ray from Pairings for help with this pairing and all who gathered to sample it were very pleased with the result. The Fondo Antico Grillo Parlante that he recommended, made from the Sicilian white grape Grillo, has a nice fresh crispness that worked with the lemon in the dressing. I also got a bit of salinity in this–perhaps from the vineyard’s proximity to the sea? That worked well with the saltiness of the cheese.