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Lamb Sliders with Provençal Pesto Paired with a Languedoc Red

Lamb Sliders with Provencal PestoThis pairing started with the wine. I wanted to prepare something for our #LanguedocDay gathering that would go well with the hearty red wines from the region. I came up with this recipe for Lamb Sliders with Provençal Pesto with these wines in mind.

The lamb sliders probably would have gone pretty well with any of the Languedoc reds we had that evening, but I would up pairing it with the 2009 Campagne De Centeilles, a 100% Cinsault from Minervois, a Languedoc AOC. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have too many 100% Cinsaults! Cinsault is more commonly used as a blending grape, but this wine shows it’s potential to be very good on its own. This wine definitely had that garrigue thing going on–its aroma and taste had the fragrance of wild herbs like rosemary and lavender. These elements made it a great match for the minty pesto. Definitely a pairing I recommend!