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Pork and Bok Choy Stir-Fry with a Pinot Noir

pork and bok choy stir-fry pairs well with Pinot NoirWhat to pair with a stir-fry? I made a Pork and Bok Choy Stir-Fry recently, and was looking for a wine pairing in a small midwestern town during a recent visit. So I didn’t have the many choices I’d have at our local wine ship.

Riesling tends to be my go-to wine for stir-fry, and it can work nicely with pork. None of the Rieslings on the shelf appealed to me the other day, however, so I went in a different direction. When I find myself choosing wine in a grocery store or other spot that doesn’t curate their wines nearly as well as our local shop, I rely more on finding a familiar brand. I saw a Pinot Noir from Seaglass, and grabbed it because I’ve enjoyed Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc many times.

My pork and bok choy stir-fry gets some saltiness from soy sauce. Choosing a red with such a stir-fry calls for some acidity to balance the salt content. Pinot fills the bill nicely. The Seaglass Pinot Noir is from Santa Barbara. It’s a light style pinot. Nothing remarkable, but tasty enough and plays nicely with the food. Definitely a satisfactory pairing for a meal cooked on the road.

Do you have a favorite wine pairing for stir-fry? Do tell!

Chicken Veggie Stir Fry with a Verdejo

veggies for stir fry with chickenRiesling or perhaps a Gewurztraminer is my inclination for a stir fry. Tonight I made a version of this Chicken Veggie Stir Fry, but didn’t have either of those on hand. I did have a 2013 Blanco Nieva Verdejo, and it did the job nicely. Floral notes on the nose, some good acidity and citrus, went nicely with the variety of veggies and the chopped mango I added to my stir fry sauce. A thumbs up to this pairing!