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Pairing for Salmon with Olive Lemon Relish

pairing for salmon with lemon olive relish: 2012 Champalou VouvrayOne of my favorite salmon recipes comes from Barbara Lynch’s cookbook, Stir: Mixing It Up In The Italian Tradition. I follow her pan-seared salmon method just about any time I’m cooking salmon inside as opposed to the grill. But what has me writing here is to discuss a pairing for salmon with olive lemon relish, a very tasty recipe from Stir.

In this preparation, the salmon gets topped with a relish made from olives and lemon. The lemon includes bits of the fruit as well as the juice. Shallots, parsley, honey and white wine vinegar round out the taste. If you don’t have the book you could probably come up with your own version, though I do recommend the cookbook!

I often go for Pinot Noir with salmon, and that can work pretty well with this dish. But I also had a side dish of pasta with dandelion greens, and was thinking a white would offset the bitterness of the greens better than a red. So wound up choosing the 2012 Champalou Vouvray, 100% Chenin Blanc. The wine has a nice, clean crisp taste and a delicate floral bouquet. Definitely a nice pairing for the salmon as well as the dandelion pasta!salmon with lemon olive relish