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#winePW 10 Twitter Chat Questions

The 10th Wine Pairing Weekend event ties into another special wine event–Open That Bottle Night. For more on the backstory on #OTBN and what we are up to with this #winePW event, check out the event invite post on Cooking Chat.

We will be holding a live Twitter Chat in conjunction with the event this Saturday 9/13, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Please join us! Simply share tweets with our hashtag, #winePW and follow that stream. We do also have a Twubs page setup as a handy way to view the Chat and automatically add the hashtag. Be sure to check out the great pairings the participating bloggers come up with! You can find links to all the tasty posts at the bottom of my post on Cooking Chat. I will be hosting this event from my @winePW Twitter handle, and will also be chiming in from@cookingchat.

Q1) Where are you tweeting from?

Q2) Have you participated in #OTBN before? #winePW

Q3) Do you tend to put wines down for a long time? #winePW

Q4) What’s the longest a wine has lasted in your cellar? #winePW

Q5) How did you choose your bottle for #OTBN? #winePW

Q6) What #wine did you choose? How was it? Live up to expectations? #winePW

Q7) What food did you serve with your special bottle? How was the pairing? #winePW

Q8) Did you participate in an #OTBN gathering, or was it a quiet meal at home? #winePW

Q9) Do you have anything special on hand that might last until next #OTBN? #winePW

Q10) Anything else to share about #OTBN? Thoughts on special #wine & food pairings? #winePW

We hope you enjoy this chat and consider joining us in April to to chat about wine pairings for early spring vegetables, hosted by A Day in the Life on the Farm  “Fall Fruits and Wine Pairings”, hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla. Wine Pairing Weekend is held the second Saturday of the month, so we’re up next on April 11.  For general questions or ideas about Wine Pairing Weekend, email winepairingweekend AT gmail.com.