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Green Fig Ice Cream and Albarino

wine pairings for ice cream: green fig ice cream with Albarino. Culinary Cam photo.Happy Ice Cream Week! What can ice cream week have to do with wine pairing? Surely there can’t be wine pairings for ice cream, right?

Guess again! For our “Refreshing Summer Wine Pairings” July theme, Culinary Cam made some green fig ice cream–which sounds totally tasty on its own!–and paired with with Cambiata Albarino. I think Spain when I hear Albarino, but this one comes from Cam’s backyard, a.k.a. the California coast. I love ice cream, but it’s one thing I haven’t tried paired with wine, maybe ice cream week is a time to remedy this!

The Albarino sounds very refreshing. Though it is not a dessert wine per se, Cam’s description of it gives a hint as to why it would work well with her ice cream:

“You might get a whiff of aromas of almonds and vanilla. This wine is beautifully balanced, lush and tart with a subtle minerality on the finish.”

Perhaps I had Cam’s fig ice cream in mind when I grabbed some figs on sale yesterday, planning to make a dessert with them for tonight’s anniversary dinner. Stay tuned for details of that pairing! Meanwhile, for the details on how to make the green fig ice cream and more info on the Albarino, head over to Cam’s post on her site, Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

photos courtesy of Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

Cambiata Albarino

Wine Pairing for Steamers

Cava, a wine pairing for steamers. from @foodwineclick.

Wine pairing for steamers! I was excited to read Jeff’s Wine Pairing Weekend post pairing steamed clams and mussels with Cava for a number of reasons.

I’m getting ready to head to Cape Cod next week, and I expect my Dad will make a batch of steamers at least once while there. This is typically a post-beach snack, an hour or two before dinner. Usually beers are cracked open to go with it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a nice cold beer after the beach.  But hey, I am more of a wine guy, especially when comes to what to drink along with food. So I’m glad to know that there’s a good bubbly option besides beer to go with the steamers.

Cava is a nice option when you want a sparkling wine at significantly less than Champagne prices. It sounds like Jeff, who blogs at foodwineclick, found a good one for his steamer pairing: Campos de Estrellas Estate Cava Brut ($15). It definitely met our #winePW 2 theme of “refreshing summer pairings”. Get on over to foodwineclick to get all the tasty details of the pairing.

Oh yes, there’s one more great thing to mention about Jeff’s post. The steamer and Cava pairing was enjoyed on his porch….what better way to enjoy a summer day!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Burrows, foodwineclick.com.